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Thursday, 29 December 2011

RMS Titanic Passenger lists posted outside White Star Line Offices


RMS Titanic: 2012 Special Lecture
& Theatre Presentations Series

After an intensive period of new research, Julian Bray and Morag Irving have updated their acclaimed series of lectures and educational presentational packages on five very different aspects of RMS Titanic. All the lectures from the previous series were rolled out as a curtain raiser last year and presented to large diverse audiences on major cruise ships and in European theatres. Several thousand feedback responses have been excellent and the quality of questions at each live presentation has been challenging but all were fully answered and in great technical detail!

The lectures and / or presentations are presented as podium lectures with advanced Powerpoint and audio reinforcement by experienced international broadcaster and Equity member Julian Bray, Morag Irving, research historian, optionally joins for the live and totally unscripted question and answer sessions. Depending on the location,  the stage or theatrical presentation lends itself to a variety of presentational formats. Simply there is currently no other presentational series of illustrated talks on RMS Titanic (and we include recent TV and Film series) with this depth of knowledge and information on the whole event.
During the Q&A's a further fascinating photographic carousel of little seen RMS Titanic images are projected. Research Historian Morag Irving has been drawn to the whole RMS Titanic story since the early 1970's and has built up one of Europes' leading libraries and data on the whole tragedy and how it still impacts on travel and shipping today.
Due to the copiously recorded and highly detailed UK and USA Official Inquiries and the vast Father Browne photographic library (the good Father took all his glass negative pictures and then safely left the ship at Queenstown (Cobh), Ireland (the ship was to perish two days later) this brief moment in time has uniquely been minutely and dramatically recorded.
The presenters also have access to the RMS Titanic tender 'Normandy' which is being refurbished in Belfast having been recovered from France on a pontoon and returned to its birthplace in Northern Ireland.
Questions are gathered using a roving mic and others pre-submitted,some by i-phone, and all answers and reactions are LIVE and TOTALLY unscripted.

Clearly 2012, is a special period, some 100 years following the sinking, so expect strong demand for confirmed dates. The ITV 'Titanic' television fictional mini series, although the pre-publicity package for the series is fictional and in places not histrically correct, will in any case raise the profile of the RMS Titanic story and generate many Radio and TV strands worldwide. We have already taken up with the producers the many historical and factual points needng revision, but should this prove deficient then it is additional word of mouth publicity for the factual RMS Titanic Talks Series presented by Broadcaster and Writer Julian Bray.

Each RMS Titanic lecture presentation is highly flexible from 20 to 40 minutes duration and can either be stand-alone or delivered as a series, we then offer an open house Q&A session. Nothing is off limits...

All lectures are fully supported with layered, animated digital slides. For theatre presentations, we would present 2 of the lectures (2 x45 mins.) with an audience interactive Q&A at the end of each half.


#1 RMS Titanic Films, Myth and Mystery
How the RMS Titanic Story is portrayed in films, on radio and in the press. We look at the storytellers and scriptwriters down the decades; their contribution to the RMS Titanic story and the myths they created along the way...

#2 A Superliner is born: The RMS Titanic Story.
Generations of Irish shipbuilding families put their craft skills into building RMS Titanic not realising that others had deliberately cut corners, specified sub-standard materials and unproven systems cynically creating a disaster in waiting.

#3 RMS Titanic and her Ugly Sisters.
Why build one when you can build three? From the RMS Titanic blueprint, two further near identical ships were built, all had the same design flaws and a cut down, money saving cheaper materials specification. Why did the White Star Line board feel the risks were worth taking or did some directors rebel?

#4 RMS Titanic Passengers: First Class or Steerage? Kidnappers & Murderers to Dukes & Bankers.
We look at several untold fascinating ‘Upstairs & Downstairs’ stories culled from the RMS Titanic passenger manifest, featuring images from the Queenstown (Cobh) Ireland Titanic Museum.

#5 RMS Titanic: The unsinkable Molly Brown,
so why did she sink?
We delve into recently released material to discover the shocking truth behind the sinking of the RMS Titanic, the lack of safety systems, unworkable lifeboat boarding and drills, loading of volatile firedamp bunker coal, faulty rivets and the use of condemned pig iron.

We also have a unique RMS Titanic presentation on Queenstown (Cobh) in Ireland, orginally prepared and presented during the maiden voyage of the Independence of the Seas retracing the leg from Southampton to Cobh. Elements of the lectures can also be used as an After Dinner Speech or Club presentation.

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Sinking beneath the waves.....


Prominade Deck showing lifeboats

Main Staircase

Captain & Crew

Officers Saved?

On the stairway...